Friday, January 11, 2013

Why do we learn English?

Why do we learn English?

*English is an international language.
* If you have good English,
-you can get a good job.
-you can use the computer & the Internet easily.
-you can communicate with other people around the world.
-you can gain knowledge & experience about other cultures. 

How do we learn English ?
Singing songs  is fun.
All children like songs
We can learn a lot of new English words through songs.

We all like games.
Games give you a chance to have fun with your friends.
Games make you think
Games make you active
Games make you work with others

Role play:
Role plays give us a chance to work with others.
We enjoy acting out stories we  read
Role plays give us the chance to practice English

Stories contain a lot of vocabulary.
Storytelling helps us to learn how to say the words correctly
Stories motivate us to listen & learn

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