Friday, January 11, 2013



What is it?

"A statement or idea based on deep and careful thought"

"Thinking about teaching and learning"

"Thinking about what happened in your lesson"

Why do it?

*It improves learning and teaching

*It results in continuous improvement and development

*It results in real change and improvement because it comes

from the teacher rather than an occasional visitor from outside of the school

*It gives teachers responsibility for their own professional development

* If is concerned with development rather than judgment

How to do it?

Start by asking yourself questions;

1. What happened in my lesson?

2. Why do I think it happened?

3. What can I do about it?

The basis of evaluation in the course is the teacher's own reflection on the teaching-learning process in their own classroom.

This involves:

*planning the lesson

*using the plan in class

*observing what children do in class

*reflecting on the lesson 

Samples of reflections !!

"I think I paid more attention to one group and neglected the others. I would like to get another teacher into my class to make some observations on this."

"The class were a bit too noisy during the song. I think that the clapping stopped them listening and got them too excited and loud. Next time, I don't think I will encourage them to clap during the song."

"The children were confused which animal was coming next in the song. I think this might be because they were not listening for the name of the animal. Next time, I will tell the children to listen carefully for the name of the animal and I will put the FC in the same order as the song to support their understanding."

"The class were a bit tired and slow in the lesson and I feel that they were not engaged in the reading when I was demonstrating can and can't. I think this was because it was the eighth period. I think that the children were not really concentrating so it would have been better to have moved on to the activity in their class books."

" The children didn't understand what to do. I think this was because they were not concentrating on the demonstration. I noticed that some children were coloring in their books. Next time I will use 123 Stop to get everyone looking and listening and I will get group leaders to put CB in a pile on the table so there are no distractions."

"In the speaking activity, the children were copying each others books instead .of asking and answering questions. Next time I will make it more of a game and get them to hide their answers."

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